A. E. Edwards

Fish Grinder VII


A perfect atmosphere requires great skill –
while Botox foreheads hang high on
bloodstained crosses. 

Brain Wash. 

Headline drama is bullets over flagpoles –
Tossed-out journals of a dying form.
Poetry has lost its language. 

Slice of life. 

Enlightenment hits you in the most inconvenient places –
Gear up for the new product of
what can we duplicate next! 

Market Value. 

Primetime culture is bottled up in pill containers –
Self-help our vanity
while superheroes invade movie theatres. 

Feast of Fools. 

Ink has lost its fashion –
we need visual fornication,
graphic eyesight moving, revolving, getting closer to the sun. 

All-in-One Convenience. 

LP’s have the best nostalgic tone –
and train rides remind us of temperance,
but patience isn’t fast enough for me! 

Complexity is passé. 

Courtesy is oppressive
and humor requires a college degree.
Why do we buy anything if it can always be upgraded?