Night at the Race Track 

Seeking roadside accessories for their chariots,
hillbillies on a budget dig in the scrap heaps
in preparation for the upcoming race. 

Because the track does not provide a pit crew,
it helps that these Good Ole Boys have years
of experience building cars from scratch—
because of this, they can still go around the track
whenever the flag drops. 

Of course only real drivers race without sponsorship.
The track owners bring in the only profit of the night,
since the entertainers pay to participate
and provide cheap thrills for an audience braving
headaches, backaches, and elemental exposure
(not to mention overpriced health hazards
like second-hand exhaust and concession stand goodies). 

Going around in circles is all the rave in town
on Saturday night, and a real man can go in circles
while maneuvering easily between unbridled horses
and a rubber wall with no regard for his safety
or that of his fellow racers. 

The cars are light, by necessity,
since too much protection will slow the driver down.
However, all drivers must wear their helmets and seat belts,
to avoid making the owners liable for injuries incurred. 

Winning is everything at the track,
and only one can park in victory lane,
where the winner takes all the glory
and everyone else goes home to dig in the scrap heap again.





by Gary Simmons