Andra Buschmann

Found Poem

from The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton

My masterpiece turned out 
To be a scarred-up eternity 
Of alarm.  The ultimate disappointment,
the flashy,dazed, unrequited, screaming
Miracle shimmying along
Corrected my accuracy with hoarse yelps.
“Misspelled” loomed alive and burning
Like a spastic squirrel with
Permanent elimination dangling—laughing—
On red flaming lips.  Shoelace cords
Went down and shriveled my championship
Dead like flies.  Surprise!  Jesus
Whispers devout fire—I scramble,
Stall, strangled— 



Destined to be a winner.  Violently
Delicious celebrity—astonish the breathless
Congregation.  The President pronounced
Purple gems to the exemplary contestant. 



Immediately punished.  Tears streaming
Around a lost lucky brooch-petal heriloom,
Frantically wailed at a Stillwater Competition.
Use it in a sentence, please.


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(photo by Rebecca Fulmer)