Terry Wright

The One That Got Away

So. Back when I was green
the world was dangerous and lush
and you would roar. Who has
the thicker skin?
you'd grin
with bits of clothing and bad meat
poked through the pikes of your
terrible teeth. You saved my heart
for last to shred after making
love like the world would end
after shaking. It did.
In a burst of white light
you called us quits. You bit
through bonds and held hands
and stomped away. I sank
into our mattress of molten lava.
I slept like a fossil covered
by magma for a million years
then broke the rock bed with my fists
and built a museum for you
from brittle chunks of memories.
All night every night
I rearrange your bones
into the missionary position
but you're untouchableó
you Tyrannosaur,
you king of the killers,
you worst best beast

but with those puny arms
you never could hold me.


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(Michael Patterson)

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Fractal Version