This is an image of Heather BurksHeather Burks is a senior majoring in studio art at Henderson State University.  Her work has been exhibited in Hot Springs, Arkadelphia, Malvern, Little Rock, and Starkville, Mississippi.  

"My work in photography goes beyond tradition as a whole.  The photographs taken are real, but the way they are used in the final image portray events that are not solely created behind the lens of a camera.  This is what intrigues me about photography:  the compelling allusion of reality.  This gives photographic images the quality of having been derived from the 'real' world.  I feel most of my images are created by my subconscious and typically out-of-life experience.  I do not consciously use symbols in my imagery, but looking at the images, one can visualize all kinds of symbolism.  A great deal of my imagery reveals a mystic quality.  Through my art, I want to challenge one's perception of reality."