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Introduction to Volume 1 
by Philip Martin


Jack Butler

Shannon Johnson

Philip Martin


Werner Trieschmann


Heather Burks


Angela Black

Andrea Hollander Budy

Michael Heffernan

David Jauss

Paul Lake

Rick Lott

Sandy Rankin

Michael Karl (Ritchie)

Terry Wright


The editors would like to thank the following individuals for their support and generosity:  Charles Dunn, Finnie Murray, John Hall, Carey Harris, Jill Doose, Beverly Buys, David Stoddard, Kathryn Maus, and Nicole Niewdach.

Thanks also to the following Henderson State University art students for contributing images:  Jason Beckwith, Cristina Branch, Hether Burks, Matt Davis, Caleb Everly, Rebecca Fulmer, Delores Gray, Thomas Fernandez, Tanner Lewis, Carrie Osborne, Michael Patterson, Jason Sheeler, Patricia Tatum and William Wortham.

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